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  • Daedong Tech

COMPANY : Daedong Tech CEO : Oh Heonsik
EMAIL : WEBSITE: http://ddtech.co.kr
TEL : 82-53-852-2601 FAX : 82-53-852-2605
ADDRESS: Gyeongbik Gyeongsan-si Whachon-myeon Daedong industrial complex 33
SUMMARY: TMR feed mixing machine, Microorganism fermentation mixing machine, Packing roller, Feeder, Disintegrator, Belt conveyer, Transporter etc. 

• Company introduction

2000.05 Daedong tech establishment

2001.06 ISO 9001 certification

2002.07 Export promising small and medium business selection

2002.07 New technology development venture designation

2002.12 Gyeongbuk small-business excellence award

2004.01 Awarded by Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

2005.02 INNO-BIZ enterprise selection

2005.07 ISO 14001 certification

2008.02 Awarded by the Minister of Commerce

2008.03 Establishment of R&D Laboratory Affiliated with company

2010.09 Company relocation

2013.02 Awarded by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy

2013.02 Awarded by  administrator of small-business

2015.03 Awarded by Director of the National Tax Service