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  • Agricultural Yeong Poong Co., Ltd.

COMPANY : Agricultural Yeong Poong Co., Ltd. CEO : Jo Jaegon
EMAIL : WEBSITE: http://yopokki.com
TEL : 82-53-593-4788 FAX : 82-53-593-4789
ADDRESS: Daegu Daelseo-gu St.seongseo 9gil 25
SUMMARY: Tteokbokki, Vegetable pancake , Japchae, Seaweed roll, Hotteok  

1993.08. Yeong Poong Mulsan establishment

2007.06.Tteokbokki manufacture method patent registration

2009.08. The day of the trader   commendation

2011.05. Yoppokki launch

2012.11. Laboratory Affiliated with company certification

2012.12. An award for export tower of million dollars

2013.01. ISO 9001:2008 certification

2013.04. HACCP rice cakes certification

2013.10. Patent registration about long-term conversation process method  of Tteokbokki

2014.01. Conversion to Agricultural Yeong Poong Co.,Inc.