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  • Hando ST Co., Ltd.

COMPANY : Hando ST Co., Ltd. CEO : Shin Sangyong
EMAIL : WEBSITE: http://handost.com
TEL : 82-53-583-4245 FAX : 82-53-583-4249
ADDRESS: Daegu Daelseo-gu Seongseo-ro 68-gil 49
SUMMARY: Coating facilities, chemicals, Electric bicycles 

1991.10 “Korea stamping machine Inc.” foundation

2000.08 Promising export company selection

2001.09 Catalyst enterprise department  foundation. Seosan Factory and catalyst process development

             laboratory foundation

2002.10 Automated factory FA business department foundation/

            LCD,PDP producing facilities automation/

            water purifier for drinking Water  procurement registration

2003.07 “Export promising small-business” selection

       .10 Company name change/“Handost Inc.”

2004.12 Awarded by Small Business Administrator

2006.12 Small-business designation for technical innovation

2007.11 Venture company(research development company) selection

2014.03 Awarded by Daegu mayor

2014.11 Awarded by The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Resources.