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  • Wookyeong information technology Co., Lt

COMPANY : Wookyeong information technology Co., Lt CEO : Park Yoonha
EMAIL : WEBSITE: http://wkit.co.kr
TEL : 82-53-792-3031 FAX : 82-53-794-3042
ADDRESS: Daegu Buk-gu St.Dongbuk 117,904(Shangyeok-dong, Software venture tower)
SUMMARY: The security system on information and the security system on picture 

2008.12.10. Wookyeong information technology Inc. establishment

2010.07.12. Establishement of Wookyeong information technology Inc. seoul branch

2011.02.11. Venture company certification

2011.12.14 INNO-BIZ certification

2011.12.23.Increasing capital (1.6 million won)

2012.01.27 ISO 9001:2008 certification

2012.01.27 Information and Communication Works Business registration

2013.04.28. Establishment of Laboratory Affiliated with company

2013.06.04 MAIN-BIZ certification