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  • NS Design Co., Ltd.

COMPANY : NS Design Co., Ltd. CEO : Park Heungsik
EMAIL : WEBSITE: http://ensdesign.co.kr
TEL : 82-53-625-5288 FAX : 82-53-625-2441
ADDRESS: Daegu Dong-gu St.Dongdaegu 461 (Daegu Gyeongbuk Design center 11F)
SUMMARY: All of the industrial design 

Excellent design speciality company 10 times selection

 INNO-BIZ selection (Small-business of innovations in techniques)

2014. 12 Brain capability excellent speciality company

2013. 10 An award for Red dot Award

2013. 10  'GOOD DESIGN'38 Points selection until now

2010. 12 The 12th Korea design (The grand prize)

          Awarded by The Minister of intelligence and economy (Field: design management)

2007. 4   Laboratory permission affiliated with design

2003~2006 An award for venture design prize 5 Points

2002~2008 An award for Success Design 12P Points

1998.8  NS Design establishment