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  • Ena Industry Co., Ltd.

COMPANY : Ena Industry Co., Ltd. CEO : Shin Cheolsoo
EMAIL : WEBSITE: http://ena.co.kr
TEL : 82-53-850-0800 FAX : 82-53-850-0880
ADDRESS: Gyeongbuk Gyeongsan-si Jillyang-eup St.industrial complex1 71
SUMMARY: Automobile parts (NVH,Plastic Part,Rubber Part,Ignition Cable) 

1990.04 Ena industry establishment    

1999.02 Export promising small-business selection

1999.03 Venture company certification

2002.09 INNO-BIZ small-business certification

2002.  Cheon-an factory establishment, establishment of branch in US

2003.12 Gyeongsan factory establishment

2004.11 An award for export tower of one million dollars    

2007.11 An award for export tower of 10 million dollars    

2009.07 An award for model small-business

2010.11 An award for export tower of 20 million dollars    

2011.06 An award for the best small company to work

2011.07 Gyeongsang bukdo new growth company selection

2011.08 Receiving a presidential citation in the small-business technique innovation contest

2011.12 The grand prize of the first industry-academic star company

2012.09 Company selection that many people want to work

2012.19 Excellent company for happy small-business job

2013.03 Gyeongju factory establishment

2013.04 The trust guarantee funds star company selection

2013.12 An award for export tower of 30 million dollars / The distinguished services of industrial packing

2014.09 Good job company selection

2014.12 Small-business designation for development of human resource

2015.03 An award for model faithful taxpayer of national tax service