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  • Sejoongis Co., Ltd.

COMPANY : Sejoongis Co., Ltd. CEO : Seol Jinhyun
EMAIL : WEBSITE: http://sejoongis.co.kr
TEL : 82-53-588-9778 FAX : 82-53-588-5778
ADDRESS: Daegu Daelseo-gu St.Songhyun(Bon-dong ICT Park 208)
SUMMARY: Information solution, Is-ERP, Group ware. Image recognition system(Face in store), Smart factoring 

2007.12 Sejoongis establishment

2008.04 Venture company certification, establishment of annex research institute

2009.12 ERP expansion of supply

2010.11 IDC server center open

2011.12 KT, POSCO ICT consortium

2012.02 Pohang Internet data center open

2013.01 BGFretail/Korea Fujitsu supply contract

2014.06 Instore target advertisement patent registration

2015.05 Small hidden Champion designation (Employment of the Ministry of Labor)

Eurostars Europe joint R&D supporting business and commercialization with DFRC AG, The Czech IMA