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  • Saeshinjungmil Co., Ltd.

COMPANY : Saeshinjungmil Co., Ltd. CEO : Lee Joongho
EMAIL : WEBSITE: http://www.saeshin.com
TEL : 82-53-580-0919 FAX : 82-53-580-0918
ADDRESS: Daegu Daelseong-gun Dasa-eup St.Secheon 1gil 52
SUMMARY: The dentist procedure and handpiece production 

1976.11 Saeshinjungmil Service center establishment

2005.04 Korea’s first development and release: handpiece for the dentist procedure.

2006.08 INNO-BIZ selection

2008.08 Conversion to Corp. (Company name : Saeshinjungmil Inc.)

2012.05 Presentation of Copper Tower order of industrial service merit.

2012.09 New factory extension relocation: Seongseo5cha  industrial estate

2012.11 An award for export tower of 2 million dollars

2013.10 Global speciality business designation

2014.12 The world product production company designation

2015.04 Daegu special zone 6 high technology designation