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  • Seokwon Co., Ltd.

COMPANY : Seokwon Co., Ltd. CEO : Lee Jongyoon
EMAIL : WEBSITE: http://sw-eng.co.kr
TEL : 82-54-474-8418 FAX : 82-54-474-8421
ADDRESS: Gyeongbuk Gumi-si Sandong-myeon St.Cheomdan company5 78-32
SUMMARY: A thin film coating equipment, Film making 

1998.01 Seokwon engineering establishment

2005.01 Establishment of Laboratory Affiliated with company

2004.07 Export promising small and medium business designation

2008.07 Korea’s first touch panel ITO sputter coating equipment development. Solar battery technology development with high efficiency  TCO board

2009.10 Seokwon Inc conversion to a corporation

2012.11 Award for export tower of 5 million dollars

2013.11 INNO-BIZ Company certification

2014.03 Venture company certification