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COMPANY : Vision new ceramics CEO : Hwang Hyunsoo
EMAIL : WEBSITE: http://www.visionceramic.com
TEL : 82-53-382-6232 FAX : 82-53-382-6234
ADDRESS: Daegu Buk-gu St.Geomdannorth 2gil 7
SUMMARY: Pump seal, Electric-semiconductor ceramic 

1999 Vision new ceramics establishment

2001 Oil pressure PRESS300TON introduction

2002 Cooperative system sign with Yeungnam College of Science & Technology

2004 Oxide plate development for electromagnetic waves  inspection

2007 ISO9001 Quality management system certification

2008 Cooperative system sign with  Korea Ploytechnic VI Colleges, Venture company confirmation acquisition

2009 Korea Ceramic National Institute  information bank interchange

An electric furnace

(22ⅿ 1500℃)introduction. 2011 CIP equipment additional introduction,

An elevator electric furnace introduction, Moving place of business