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  • Mukyeong Co., Ltd.

COMPANY : Mukyeong Co., Ltd. CEO : Kim Gwangsub
EMAIL : WEBSITE: http://mkeng.biz
TEL : 82-54-286-6644 FAX : 82-54-286-0990
ADDRESS: Gyeongbuk Pohang-si Nam-gu Daesong-myeong Cheolkang-ro 250gil 14-5
SUMMARY: Safety shoes storage box for dry sterilization, Protective Kit storage box for dry sterilization, A air sterilization cleaner, A waste water disposal plant 

1999.04 Mukyeong engineering establishment

2003.02 Private factory completion

2003.04 Shoes dry sterilization patent and a utility model acquisition

2004.03 Mukyeong engineering Inc conversion to corporation

2007.01 Mukyeong Co., Ltd. corporate name change

2007.03 INNO-BIZ certification

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